Eldfell Stove


Comforting warmth in the harshest conditions

Get rid of damp and cold, create a warm, cosy atmosphere, dry clothes, cook food — basically, enjoy your home comforts.

With its ingenious design, its efficient heat transmission, low weight and easy handling, Eldfell is the natural heart of the Nordic tipi and a faithful friend in cold and damp conditions. Whereas simple stoves release more of their heat through the chimney, the advanced design of Eldfell means combustion takes place nearer the ground, creating more heat inside the Nordic tipi, providing more effective heat for cooking and reducing wood consumption.

The combustion chamber is spacious and about 50cm long to take long, thick logs. The extendable insulation pipe protects the Nordic tipi fabric even in strong winds. The spark arrester protects both the fabric and the surrounding area.

Eldfell is available in stainless steel (Pro). It fits Adventure tipi sizes 5, 7, 9 and 15 using the same combustion chamber but different chimney lengths. Eldfell Pro comes in its own purpose-made wooden box.

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Stainless steel.


All technical features have been designed to fulfil demands for low weight, good functioning and strength. In order not to sink down in snow, the legs have notches so they can be placed on poles.

The extendable insulation pipe protects the Nordic tipi fabric even in strong winds. The spark arrester protects both the fabric and the surrounding area.

Eldfell model
5 7 9 15
Eldfell PRO.gif weight (kg) 14.1 14.5 14.9 15.3
Eldfell PRO.gif dimensions when packed (mm) 360 x 380 x 630


All Tentipi® Adventure tents are designed to be used with an open fire or stove; it is this feature that makes them a home from home in all weather conditions. But please make sure you are fully competent to deal with the risks involved, before striking that match. Read, understand and follow the instructions and fire safety advice that come with your tent.