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Tentipi® floors are available in two qualities - Comfort and Pro. Both types of floors can be used with any of our tent models (except that only Comfort class is available in size 15).

Many people use their Nordic tipi without a floor. However, using our separate floor has many advantages. Condensation caused by soil moisture is eliminated because the floor covers the entire ground surface of the tent. Protects you against soil moisture; dirt and snow can be kept away more easily. Better protection against ants, mosquitoes and other insects.

Which floors are there?

Whole floor

No need to detach - Automatically in the correct position when the Nordic tipi is set up as it does not need to be detached when the tent is packed
Zipper - Protects the zipper from dirt
Beautifully stretches - A tensioning device makes it easy to level the floor. It also improves sealing between the floor and walls and helps keep insects out

Half floor

Equipped with a zipper that protects the zipper from dirt. Lies flat and cleverly stretched using a tensioning device. Can be combined with a half inner tent, half floor or half fleece floor.

Type of floors

Whole floor "PRO"

Made of light, strong, strong polyamide fabric that is much stronger than standard fabrics, the floor has four zippers that allow flexible opening options.

V-opening: Open the door. To prevent dirty boots from lying on the tent floor.
O-opening: Open from the center and outwards. This allows you to wipe breadcrumbs on the floor instead of the floor. Also allows the use of stove or open fire.
U-opening: a large opening from the door and around the central post. For wood storage, open fire or to have ground contact.

Whole floor "Comfort"

The same construction as Floor "Pro" but made of carefully chosen standard type material and without the possibility of having a U-shaped opening.

Half floor "Comfort"

Made from a carefully chosen standard type material. The zipper makes it possible to open the floor to make a fire or to use a quarter of a floor.

Half floor Fleece "Comfort"

Made from a carefully chosen standard type material with one side covered with soft and comfortable fleece. The zipper makes it possible to open the floor or use a quarter floor.