HeatPal 5100

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Small heater/cooker

Heat Pal 5100
Provides warmth and heats food. No leaks, no pump, no explosion risk, starts instantly. Use methylated spirits. 1.5 kW. Burns for
about 5 hours on a full tank at full power. 2170 g. 30x30x50 cm.

Often a much better alternative for the Nordic tipi than a wood stove!

Don’t forget:
• Burns without supervision throughout the night
• Cooks faster than a wood stove

Continuous heat adjustment. Get exactly the heat you want

• No assembly
• More convenient than carrying several sacks of wood
• Two Heat Pals are a great deal cheaper than one stove. They weigh much less and only take up half the space!
• More versatile. Can be used in your garage, on your boat and even on hunting trips...