Safir™ 9 cp


When you are looking for the absolute best tent or Nordic tipi. From the desert to the Arctic, for professional expeditions, demanding hikes and many different outdoor pursuit activities. For people who want the best performance and flexibility, Safir offers world-class materials, ingenious details, and unbeatable ventilation and quality.

Safir is designed for the most extreme conditions. This is a tent you can rely on – in stormy winds, on icy expanses, glaciers and under a burning sun. With outstanding comfort and exceptionally easy use, Safir is also perfect for families who want to hike, camp or go on a motoring holiday. Safir has everything – rolled into one single tent – and we claim it is the world’s best Nordic tipi and most flexible tent.

Relatively light in relation to size but here, durability is more important than lowest possible weight. Lavishly designed with an abundance of user-friendly features and advanced performance. Standard equipped for extreme expeditions. This is for hard-core users and for people who have to be sure their tent will cope with almost all weather conditions and situations. For the person who wants the best and is prepared to pay for it.

And you can always find a size that suits your personal needs. Safir is available for 4–16 people sleeping and up to 35 people sitting down.

Double ventilator cap fitted with net, door with net, mosquito-net ceiling, central pole, storm cords, storm cord holders, measuring cord, two inside pockets, compression bag and advanced tent stakes.

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  • Exceptional comfort and homeliness
  • Erected in 3 minutes
  • Standing headroom
  • Superb materials
  • Outstanding ventilation and comfort
  • Top rating for storm-resistance
  • Use with open fire or stove
  • Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner-tent
  • Door: double zips and integrated mosquito net
  • Ground tensioners: strong straps fitted with metal peg rings; attached to tent panels via broad fabric webs to reduce stress points; adaptable for use on snow; acetal buckle on “light” Nordic tipis and with metal buckle on “cp” models
  • Ready for use with floor or inner-tent via adjustable floor tensioners
  • Hanging loop for drying
  • Ventilator cap: patented, advanced In-Tent Vent™ system; double piece with six opening points, controllable from Inside the tent; integrated chimney opening; mosquito net in upper part; tighter seal thanks to fibreglass rods
  • Larger smoke/ventilation opening at the top
  • Mosquito net ceiling: allows good ventilation while protecting against mosquitos, even without an inner-tent
  • Storm cords: with reflecting threads woven into the cords; pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Advanced compression bag for tighter packing
  • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
  • Reinforced edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
  • Many fastenings for attaching accessories and tensioning the inner-tent better
  • Patented, integrated porch sleeve for a better-fitting and more stylish porch (accessory)
  • Fabrics of the very best quality. It was the relentless pursuit of the best fabric – chosen on the basis of performance, not price – that put Safir in a class of its own. Safir is used by professionals in the most extreme climate and weather conditions. The cotton/polyester fabric has very high resistance against decolouring and a very long life
  • Three large, rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at bottom edge of tent for optimal ventilation on hot days and the best possible smoke control
  • Extra advanced central pole