Why hammock camping?

If you’ve never come across hammock camping before it might come as an unusual idea but we, as well as countless others, think it’s one of the best ways to enjoy nature while camping in comfort.

Photo by Peter Ferencik

No matter what we say about it, you’ll never know how great hammock camping is until you give it a try.

It means you can:

Watch the sun setting while lying in your bed

Then the stars at night and see the sun rise in the morning when you wake. And if you’re lucky maybe some wildlife too!

Create minimal impact to the environment

And leave no trace.

Reduce your pack weight and size

By opting for a hammock over a tent – as well as cutting down your set-up time.

Camp over water, above rocks, or on a hill!

Hammocks – unlike tents – don’t require you to look for a level campsite.

Experience ultimate comfort:

Hanging in a hammock puts none of the pressure on your body that you’d find lying on flat ground..

Customize your set-up

In countless different ways to find your favorite gear combination.

Camp with friends

Chat, cook and watch the world go by together – with the added luxury of your own personal sleeping space.

Hang out wherever you like

You aren’t limited to trees! Suspend your hammock between two vehicles, from beams, or even a mixture of points!.

Stay elevated from ground insects as well as snakes

And, depending on your location, poisonous creatures..

Use our hammocks as comfy seats during the day!

They can even double as an emergency stretcher or light sleeping bag if needed.