Hekla 7


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This is the ideal portable solution for cooking or heating on the go.

Our firebox, Hekla, gives off a lot of heat with very little smoke. Makes it easy to grill, cook or just enjoy the heat and light! The smart design means it takes up very little space when packed. Normally, a layer of coal builds up quickly when you make a fire directly on the ground. Wood stumps roll gently to the edges.

Visible smoke contains unburned gases. Insufficient combustion has three negative effects: the degree of efficiency is unsatisfactory, tar particles in the smoke burn your eyes and because the smoke is relatively cold, it does not rise so easily.

The Tentipi® fire box solves all these problems in a smart way. Many holes in the bottom provide the fire with enough oxygen. This increases both the combustion efficiency and the heat produced. Therefore, wood added to the fire burns better. The frame around the fire reflects the heat that ignites the wood stumps that would otherwise produce smoke.

The use of wood fuel has been reduced by 75 percent and there is much less risk of smoke.