TT Y-peg 18 Pro


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The pegs which are a standard part of our lightweighttents combine low weight with maximum strength. They are designed so the ground strap can be hooked onto the peg after it has been pushed into the ground –great for pitching in a hurry. We combine three types of pegs (except for Olivin which has only one type) to optimise weight and function. These are manufactured specially for Tentipi with three quality grades. Our simplest Base pegs are comparable to similar good quality pegs on the market. The level of performance and quality of our pegs in the Comfort and Pro grades are much higher, through our choice of materials and
manufacturing techniques, which include hardening. T6” is a treatment which increases the strength of the alloy, often more than twice as much.

We apply this treatment to all three quality grades:

Base (silver) – pegs made of AL6061–T6, an alloy that is often chosen for its combination of high strength and good price. Standard pegs of Onyx light.

Comfort (blue-grey) – pegs made of AL7075–T6, “aircraft aluminium”, which is even stronger than the Base material. Standard pegs of Zirkon light, Olivin cp
and Olivin light.

Pro (gold) – pegs made of AL7001–T6, the strongest alloy available with extremely high breaking strength.

Standard pegs of Safir light. Thanks to our unique design, Tentipi’s Y-pegs have bout 25 per cent more flexural strength than other Y-pegs of the same material and weight.